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key11rl Nine Real Hard Problems We'd Like You to Solve  
key12jh Mining Heterogeneous Information Networks: The Next Frontier  
key15mj Divide-and-Conquer and Statistical Inference for Big Data  
key13mk Experiments in Social Computation (and the Data They Generate)  
Research Session A1 PageRank and social networks  
rt181 Rise and Fall Patterns of Information Diffusion: Model and Implications  
rt258 Efficient Personalized PageRank with Accuracy Assurance  
rt693 PageRank on an Evolving Graph  
rt798lt Information Diffusion and External Influence in Networks  
rt934s The Missing Models: a Data-Driven Approach for Learning How Networks Grow  
Research Session A2 Pattern mining  
rt242 Finding Minimum Representative Pattern Sets  
rt373s Mining Emerging Patterns by Streaming Feature Selection  
rt547s Linear Space Direct Pattern Sampling using Coupling From The Past  
rt880 Mining Top-K High Utility Itemsets  
rt887s Sampling Minimal Frequent Boolean (DNF) Patterns  
Research Session A3 Probabilistic models  
rt213 The Contextual Focused Topic Model  
rt485 Practical Collapsed Variational Bayes Inference for Hierarchical Dirichlet Process  
rt506 Overlapping Decomposition for Causal Graphical Modeling  
rt640 TM-LDA: Efficient Online Modeling of Latent Topic Transitions in Social Media  
rt688 Multi-View Clustering Using Mixture Models in Subspace Projections  
Research Session A4 Supervised learning  
rt141 A Simple Methodology for Soft Cost-sensitive Classification  
rt022 Intelligible Models for Classification and Regression  
rt494s NASA: Achieving Lower Regrets and Faster Rates via Adaptive Stepsizes  
rt671 Learning in Non-stationary Environments with Class Imbalance  
rt782 Linear Support Vector Machines via Dual Cached Loops  
Industry/Govt Track A5 Mobile Computing
Session Chair: Dr. Yu Zheng
idg446 Discovering Regions of Different Functions in a City Using Human Mobility and POIs  
idg404 Constructing Popular Routes from Uncertain Trajectories  
idg633 GetJar Mobile Application Recommendations with Very Sparse Datasets  
idg077 Differentially Private Transit Data Publication: A Case Study on the Montreal Transportation System  
Asia-Pacific Track A6 Asia-Pacific session 1  
ap06d Interaction and Collective Intelligence in Internet Computing  
ap04m Building an Engine for Big Data  
ap11bz A New Challenge of Information Processing under the 21st Century  
ap03g Developing Data Mining Applications  
Research Session B1 Social opinions  
rt456 Learning from Crowds in the Presence of Schools of Thought  
rt609 Social Sampling  
rt620 From User Comments to On-line Conversations  
rt099 eTrust: Understanding Trust Evolution in an Online World  
Research Session B2 Time series  
rt012 Searching and Mining Trillions of Time Series Subsequences under Dynamic Time Warping  
rt183 Fast Mining and Forecasting of Complex Time-Stamped Events  
rt758 Mining Recent Temporal Patterns for Event Detection in Multivariate Time Series Data  
rt794 A Shapelet Transform for Time Series Classification  
Research Session B3 Matrices and tensors  
rt092 Accelerated Singular Value Thresholding for Matrix Completion  
rt351s Fast Bregman Divergence NMF using Taylor Expansion and Coordinate Descent  
rt356s GigaTensor: Scaling Tensor Analysis Up By 100 Times - Algorithms and Discoveries  
rt464 Active Learning for Online Bayesian Matrix Factorization  
Research Session B4 Unsupervised learning  
rt078 A Sparsity-Inducing Formulation for Evolutionary Co-Clustering  
rt163s Detecting Changes of Clustering Structures Using Normalized Maximum Likelihood Coding  
rt550 Subspace Correlation Clustering: Finding Locally Correlated Dimensions in Subspace Projections of the Data  
rt580 Dependency Clustering Across Measurement Scales  
Industry/Govt Track B5 Social network analysis
Session Chair: Dr. Amol Ghoting
idg100 A Framework for Summarizing and Analyzing Twitter Feeds  
idg358 Entity-Centric Topic-Oriented Opinion Summarization in Twitter  
idg461 Community Discovery and Profiling with Social Messages  
idg362 Finding Trending Local Topics in Search Queries for Personalization of a Recommendation System  
Industrial Practice Expo B6 Industrial Practice Expo session 1  
ipe3ys China's National Personal Credit Scoring System: A Real-Life Intelligent Knowledge Application  
ipe1rh Maximizing Return and Minimizing Cost with the Right Decision Management Systems  
Research Session C1 Social and web mining applications  
rt104 Efficient and Domain-Invariant Competitor Mining  
rt301 Discriminative Clustering for Market Segmentation  
rt376 Interacting Viruses in Networks: Can Both Survive  
rt835 Aggregating Web Offers to Determine Product Prices  
Research Session C2 Event mining  
rt397 Mining Event Periodicity from Incomplete Observations  
rt398 Towards Heterogeneous Temporal Clinical Event Pattern Discovery:A Convolutional Approach  
rt470 The Long and the Short of It: Summarising Event Sequences with Serial Episodes  
rt558 Efficient Event Pattern Matching with Match Windows  
Research Session C3 Matrix approximation  
rt380 Optimal Exact Least Squares Rank Minimization  
rt435s Large-scale Distributed Non-negative Sparse Coding and Sparse Dictionary Learning  
rt749 Learning Binary Codes for Collaborative Filtering  
rt931 Low Rank Modeling of Signed Networks  
Research Session C4 Supervised learning with multivariate data  
rt636 A Structural Cluster Kernel for Learning on Graphs  
rt723 Multi-Label Hypothesis Reuse  
rt819 Rank-Loss Support Instance Machines for MIML Instance Annotation  
rt920 Inductive Multi-task Learning with Multiple View Data  
Industry/Govt Track C5 Web applications
Session Chair: Dr.Enhong Chen
idg813 Scalable Misbehavior Detection in Online Video Chat Services  
idg219 Keyword-Propagation-Based Information Enriching and Noise Removal for Web News Videos  
idg210 Harnessing the Wisdom of the Crowds for Accurate Web Page Clipping  
idg548 Bootstrapped Language Identification For Multi-Site Internet Domains  
Industrial Practice Expo C6 Industrial Practice Expo session 2  
ipe7wy Semantic Search and a New Moore's Law Effect in Knowledge Engineering  
ipe6cp Key Lessons Learned Building Recommender Systems for Large-Scale Social Networks  
Research Session A1 Community mining  
rt145 Magnet Community Identification on Social Networks  
rt218 Vertex Neighborhoods, Low Conductance Cuts, and Good Seeds for Local Community Methods  
rt379 Overlapping Community Detection via Bounded Nonnegative Matrix Tri-Factorization  
rt563 DEMON: A Local-First Discovery Method for Overlapping Communities  
rt917 On the Separability of Structural Classes of Communities  
Research Session A2 Sequential and spatio-temporal patterns  
rt682 Discovering Lag Intervals for Temporal Dependencies  
rt716 Testing the Significance of Spatio-temporalTeleconnection Patterns  
rt752 SeqiBloc: Mining Multi-time Spanning Blockmodels in Dynamic Graphs  
rt780 USpan: An Efficient Algorithm for Mining High Utility Sequential Patterns  
rt935 Mining Large-Scale, Sparse GPS Traces for Map Inference: Comparison of Approaches  
Research Session A3 Personalization and recommendation  
rt086s Transparent User Models for Personalization  
rt127 Estimating Entity Importance via Counting Set Covers  
rt136s ComSoc: Adaptive Transfer of User Behaviors over Composite Social Network  
rt833 Online Learning to Diversify from Implicit Feedback  
rt913 Playlist Prediction via Metric Embedding  
Research Session A4 Supervised learning with auxilliary information  
rt226 Parallel Field Ranking  
rt288 Semi-Supervised Learning with Mixed Knowledge Information  
rt515 Batch Mode Active Sampling based on Marginal Probability Distribution Matching  
rt540lt SPG-GMKL: Generalized Multiple Kernel Learning with a Million Kernels  
rt552 Efficient Evaluation of Large Sequence Kernels  
Industry/Govt Track A5 Computational advertising
Session Chair: Dr. Ron Kohavi
idg900 Estimating Conversion Rate in Display Advertising from Past erformance Data  
idg789 Multimedia Features for Click Prediction of New Ads in Display Advertising  
idg549 Trustworthy Online Controlled Experiments: Five Puzzling Outcomes Explained  
idg413 Position-Normalized Click Prediction in Search Advertising  
idg600 Bid Optimizing and Inventory Scoring in Targeted Online Advertising  
Asia-Pacific Track A6 Asia-Pacific session 2  
ap07j Algorithms for Mining Uncertain Graph Data  
ap02p Experience with Discovering Knowledge by Acquiring it  
ap10n Bayesian Relational Data Analysis  
ap08z Cross-Media Knowledge Discovery  
Research Session B1 Review, discussion, and Q & A  
rt041 Review Spam Detection via Temporal Pattern Discovery  
rt177 Selecting a Characteristic Set of Reviews  
rt314 Mining Contentions from Discussions and Debates  
rt909 Discovering Value from Community Activity on Focused Question Answering Sites: A Case Study of Stack Overflow  
Research Session B2 Outlier and intrusion detection  
rt110 Integrating Community Matching and Outlier Detection for Mining Evolutionary Community Outliers  
rt601 Different Slopes for Different Folks  
rt613 A Near-linear Time Approximation Algorithm for Angle-based Outlier Detection in High-dimensional Data  
rt781 Intrusion as (Anti)social Communication: Characterization and Detection  
Research Session B3 Feature selection  
rt087 Robust Multi-Task Feature Learning  
rt098 Unsupervised Feature Selection for Linked Social Media Data  
rt284 Model Mining for Robust Feature Selection  
rt696 Feature Grouping and Selection Over an Undirected Graph  
Research Session B4 Nearest neighbors  
rt216 Maximum Inner-Product Search Using Cone Trees  
rt465 A Probabilistic Model for Multimodal Hash Function Learning  
rt473 On Socio-Spatial Group Query for Location-Based Social Networks  
rt680 Random Forests for Metric Learning with Implicit Pairwise Position Dependence  
Industry/Govt Track B5 Business intelligence
Session Chair: Dr. Sreenivas Gollapudi
idg354 Empowering Authors to Diagnose Comprehension Burden in Textbooks  
idg275 Coupled Behavior Analysis for Capturing Coupling Relationships in Group-based Market Manipulations  
idg147 HySAD: A Semi-Supervised Hybrid Shilling Attack Detector for Trustworthy Product Recommendation  
idg639 Following the Electrons: Methods for Power Management in Commercial Buildings  
Industrial Practice Expo B6 Industrial Practice Expo session 3  
ipe2gw Ensembles and Model Delivery for Tax Compliance  
ipe5sd Leveraging Predictive Modeling to Reduce Signal Theft in a Multi-Service Organization Environment  
Research Session C1 Team, trends, and social profiling  
rt209s Capacitated Team Formation Problem on Social Networks  
rt614 Finding Trendsetters in Information Networks  
rt089 Towards Social User Profiling: Unified and Discriminative Influence Model for Inferring Home Locations  
rt890 Event-based Social Networks: Linking the Online and Offline Social Worlds  
Research Session C2 Privacy  
rt394 Differential Identifiability  
rt419 Anonymizing Set-Valued Data by Nonreciprocal Recoding  
rt429 Adversarial Support Vector Machine Learning  
Research Session C3 Supervised learning applications  
rt200 Web Image Prediction Using Multivariate Point Processes  
rt532 Transductive Multi-label Ensemble Classification for Protein Function Prediction  
rt756 Multi-Domain Active Learning for Text Classification  
rt796 Modeling Disease Progression via Fused Sparse Group Lasso  
Research Session C4 Information extraction  
rt080 Open Domain Event Extraction from Twitter  
rt582 Stratified K-means Clustering Over A Deep Web Data Source  
rt760 Metro Maps of Science  
rt929 Active Sampling for Entity Matching  
Industry/Govt Track C5 Medical informatics
Session Chair: Dr. Jimeng Sun
idg895 An Integrated Data Mining Approach to Real-time Clinical Monitoring and Deterioration Warning  
idg341 Multi-Source Learning for Joint Analysis of Incomplete Multi-Modality Neuroimaging Data  
idg375 RainMon: An Integrated Approach to Mining BurstyTimeseries Monitoring Data  
idg266 SympGraph: A Framework for Mining Clinical Notes through Symptom Relation Graphs  
Industrial Practice Expo C6 Industrial Practice Expo session 4  
ipe4cj Experiences and Lessons in Developing Industry-Strength Machine Learning and Data Mining Software  
Research Session A1 Ads and video recommendation  
rt235 Joint Optimization of Bid and Budget Allocation in Sponsored Search  
rt591 The Untold Story of the Clones: Content-agnostic Factors that Impact YouTube Video Popularity  
rt720 SHALE: An Efficient Algorithm for Allocation of Guaranteed Display Advertising  
rt893 Factoring Past Exposure in Display Advertising Targeting  
rt907 Online Allocation of Display Ads with Smooth Delivery  
Research Session A2 Graph mining  
rt325 Streaming Graph Partitioning for Large Distributed Graphs  
rt353 RolX: Structural Role Extraction & Mining in Large Graphs  
rt414 Fast Algorithms for Maximal Clique Enumeration with Limited Memory  
rt469 Summarization-based Mining Bipartite Graphs  
rt497 Mining Coherent Subgraphs in Multi-Layer Graphs with Edge Labels  
Research Session A3 Recommendation  
rt371 Circle-based Recommendation in Online Social Networks  
rt459 Incorporating Heterogeneous Information for Personalized Tag Recommendation in Social Tagging Systems  
rt535s Cross-domain Collaboration Recommendation  
rt727 RecMax: Exploiting Recommender Systems for Fun and Profit  
rt901 Learning Personal + Social Latent Factor Model For Social Recommendation  
Research Session A4 Clustering  
rt492 Two Approaches To Understanding When Constraints Help Clustering  
rt531 Chromatic Correlation Clustering  
rt593 Locally-Scaled Spectral Clustering using Empty Region Graphs  
rt607 Active Spectral Clustering via Iterative Uncertainty Reduction  
rt740 Integrating Meta-Path Selection with User-Guided Object Clustering in Heterogeneous Information Networks  
Industry/Govt Track A5 Intelligent systems
Session Chair: Dr. Brian Dalessandro
idg561 Design Principles of Massive, Robust Prediction Systems  
idg315 PatentMiner: Topic-driven Patent Analysis and Mining  
idg630 Storytelling in Entity Networks to Support Intelligence Analysts  
idg811 A Framework for Robust Discovery of Entity Synonyms  
idg541 SmartDispatch: Enabling Efficient Ticket Dispatch in an IT Service Environment  
Asia-Pacific Track A6 Asia-Pacific Session 3  
ap12 Social Media Data Analysis for Revealing Collective Behaviors  
ap01m Information Processing in Social Networks  
ap09g Understanding Users' Satisfaction for Search Engine Evaluation  
ap05c Similarity Search in Real World Networks  
Research Session B1 Keywords and documents  
rt424 Large-Scale Learning of Word Relatedness with Constraints  
rt512 Latent Association Analysis of Document Pairs  
rt522 LIEGE: Link Entities in Web Lists with Knowledge Base  
rt836 Automatic Taxonomy Construction from Keywords  
Research Session B2 Patterns  
rt277 An Enhanced Relevance Criterion For More Concise Supervised Pattern Discovery  
rt467 Efficient Frequent Item Counting in Multi-Core Hardware  
rt510 On Nested Palindromes in Clickstream Data  
Research Session B3 Spatial and pattern recognition  
rt054 Mining Discriminative Components With Low-Rank And Sparsity Constraints for Face Recognition  
rt569 Fast Algorithms for Comprehensive N-point Correlation Estimates  
rt843 On "One of the Few" Objects  
Demonstration Track Demonstration Track  
de1201 BC-PDM: Data Mining, Social Network Analysis and Text Mining System Based on Cloud Computing  
de1204 Query-Driven Discovery of Semantically Similar Substructures in Heterogeneous Networks  
de1207 DAGger: Clustering Correlated Uncertain Data (to predict asset failure in energy networks)  
de1210 UFIMT: An Uncertain Frequent Itemset Mining Toolbox  
de1213 Visual Exploration of Collaboration Networks based on Graph Degeneracy  
de1216 TourViz: Interactive Visualization of Connection Pathways in Large Graphs  
de1219 D-INDEX: a Web Environment for Analyzing Dependences among Scientific Collaborators  
de1222 Information Propagation Game: a Tool to Acquire Human Playing Data for MultiPlayer Influence Maximization on Social Networks  
de1225 MoodLens: An Emoticon-Based Sentiment Analysis System for Chinese Tweets  
de1228 Intelligent Advertising Framework for Digital Signage  
de1231 AssocExplorer: An Association Rule Visualization System for Exploratory Data Analysis  
de1234 GeoSearch: Georeferenced Video Retrieval System  
de1237 Siren: An Interactive Tool for Mining and Visualizing Geospatial Redescriptions  
de1240 Navigating Information Facets on Twitter (NIF-T)  
de1243 HeteRecom: A Semantic-based Recommendation Systemin Heterogeneous Networks  
de1246 VOXSUP: A Social Engagement Framework  
de1249 A System for Extracting Top-K Lists from the Web  
de1252 EventSearch: A System for Event Discovery and Retrieval on Multi-Type Historical Data  
de1255 EvaPlanner: An Evacuation Planner with Social-based Flocking Kinetics  
de1258 PubMed Search and Exploration with Real-Time Semantic Network Construction